As a child, Matthew Singer enjoyed playing with He-Man action figures, watching pro-wrestling and running in circles on the beach in Southern California. All these things would later influence him to become a writer.


Since those formative days, he has worked diligently building up the portfolio available on this web site. Six years worth of the clips represented here come from his time at the VC Reporter, a 35,000-circulation alt-weekly based in Ventura, California. He started there as a freelancer, presiding over a popular (and somewhat infamous) music column, before being hired as a full-time staff writer in 2005 and, less than two years later, promoted to Art and Culture Editor. In his tenure, Matthew wrote everything from magazine-length features and hard-news pieces to music, film and dining reviews, profiling rock icons such as Henry Rollins, Perry Farrell and Exene Cervenka, polarizing comedian Dennis Miller and Congressman Barney Frank, as well as innumerable local bands, activists, political officials, artists and business owners — not to mention a bunch of carnies.

In 2008, Matthew relocated to Portland, Oregon, and immediately began contributing regularly to Pulitzer Prize-winning publication Willamette Week. His responsibilities so far have included watching burlesque shows for research purposes, pissing off an entire city by dissing their beloved NBA team, and interviewing (and then making fun of) pop star Bryan Adams.

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